Ph.D., Informatics @ UC Santa Cruz, @liltove, ethnographer, tech researcher, teacher, disability advocate -
A cathedral with plants growing inside it, 7 dancers in black (BTS) are posed in the center, sunlight streaming through the glass ornamental window in the center back.

홀린 듯 천천히 가라앉아 Nah nah nah

As if I’m bewitched, I slowly sink down, nah nah nah

몸부림쳐봐도 사방이 바닥 Nah nah

Though I try struggling, I’m at the bottom of the sea, nah nah

모든 순간들이 영원이 돼 Yeah yeah yeah

Every moment becomes eternity, yeah yeah yeah

How BTS Embraced Disabled ARMY in One Simple Dance Move

The galaxy swirling colored purple.

On July 9th (in most time zones) musicians BTS released their new song, Permission to Dance, and accompanying music video. However, upon premiere, disabled BTS ARMY (the fandom that supports BTS) were left with an extra unexpected gift — a gift that has the potential to have far reaching impact…

Tales from my Personal Journey in Anti-Racism Work (Part 1)

When I started this week, I knew it was going to be a hard one. I was attending two conferences simultaneously because of the joys of virtual conferencing. I had a keynote talk to give and another presentation in a field that is not my main area of expertise. All…

Suggestions for Supporting Disabled Players

By Kate Ringland & Matthew Harrison

Over the last few years we have often been asked how server administrators can ensure that Minecraft is an inclusive space for gamers with disabilities and neurological differences. In this blog we will share our insights gained through our research of inclusive Minecraft servers…

How my own precarious mental health before the pandemic has prepared me for this moment.

For a number of reasons, I was caught off-guard — as were many in America — when whispers of quarantine and pandemic turned overnight into a hard reality. There were many reactions across my network of friends and colleagues — fear, grief, anger. As a world, we have been collectively…

Kate Ringland

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